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on Tuesday.New Ze▓aland

was among the first countries to ackn▓owledge China's full market economy st▓atus, and it was the first developed country

part, English said New Zealand is willing to continue to develop the special relations between the two countries and make unremitting efforts for the two countries' future.The booming Chinese economy provides ▓major opportunities for New Zeal▓and, and both peoples benefit from?/p>

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?the development of bilateral relations, Eng▓lish said.Another major move taken by the two countries during the visit is the decision to start talks in late April on upgrading ▓a bilateral

e▓ trade

agreement with China

FTA that took effect in 2008. For four years in a row, China has been New Zealand's largest trading partner.At a joint press conference after tal▓ks with English on Monday, Li said upgradin

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